1997 – RNIP foundation. JSC «MAKS» is the leader of RNIP. 

1999 – first NTPL insurance contract of nuclear damage with Leningrad NPP was signed.

2003 – RNIP members participation in comprehensive emergency response exercises at Smolensk NPP.

2007 – first incoming reinsurance contract with Ukrainian Nuclear Insurance Pool concerning liability risks reinsurance of NAEC "Energoatom" (Ukraine) was signed.

2008 – JSC «SOGAZ» became a new leader of RNIP. There was signed the cooperation Contract between Chinese NIP and RNIP, approved by the Russian and Chinese Ministries of Foreign Affairs.


  • Two insurance contracts with JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom" and Federal State  Unitary Enterprise "Atomflot" were signed.
  • First international insurance inspection was held at two Russian Power Plants (Leningradskaya NPP and Balakovskaya NPP).
  • RNIP became a competent member of the International Pooling System.
  • there were lifted restrictions on the risk reinsurance of Russian NPP in the International Pooling System, operated since 1993.
  • Civil liability risks reinsurance contracts were signed between JSC «Concern Rosenergoatom» and Ukraine, United Kingdom, Czech Republik, Slovakia and China.
  • A new funding system of RNIP was instituted.
  • A new system of assessment and calculation of the RNIP members solvency share insurance contracts was instituted. The aggregate limit for RNIP own members retention was 4 times reduced.


  • Contracts with 18 «Rosatom» corporates were signed.


  • Nuclear facilities of Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Belorussia, Ukraine and China were reinsured by RNIP.
  • «Rosenergoatom» risks were reinsured by pools of the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, Ukraine, Belorussia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Holland and Belgium.  
  • RNIP became a member of Nuclear Risks Committee of European Committee on European Union Insurance (CEA Atomic Risks Knowledge Network).
  • There were made modifications in Government Resolution ¹504: some of the antimonopoly legislation restrictions were not applicable for RNIP any more since March, 2011. 
  • A new agreement about RNIP foundation, approved by the Federal Antimonopoly Service, was signed.
  • There was made a decision, approved by FAS, about foundation of the noncommercial organisation «Russian Association of Nuclear Insurers». (RANI was registered on the 1st of March, 2011).
  • Technical Department was established in RNIP. Mr. Bruce Kettle became the Director of Technical Risks Department (former Technical Risks Director of NRI UK).


  • Foundation of Russia Association of Nuclear Insurers, management company of the Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool.


  • According to the RNIP Supervisory Committee decision (protocol ¹78 March 26, 2011) the Pool’s insurance capacity on the civil liability insurance contract of «Rosenergoatom» was confirmed at the level of 3,6 billion rubles (equal to 4,97% of the aggregate free capital of the RNIP members in 2011).
  • The quantity of insurance contracts increased by 58% and total amount of the insurance premium increased by 73% that was 506 million rubles.  
  • «Rosenergoatom» risks on the civil liability insurance contracts were reinsured by 14 pools including United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, Ukraine, Belorussia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Croatia and Brazil.
  • Civil liability on nuclear damage and property risk of the following international NPP were reinsured by RNIP: NPP «Paks» (Hungary), NPP «Doel» and NPP «Tihange» (Belgium), NPP «Bohunice» (Slovakia), NPP «Borssele» (Holland), NPP «Krsko» (Slovenia), NAEC «Energoatom» (Ukraine), NPP «Guangdong», NPP «Ling Dong», NPP «Quinshan», NPP «Tianwan» (China), NPP «Temelin» (Czech Republic). 
  • November, 2011 RNIP members participated in comprehensive emergency response studies at Novovoronezh NPP. As a result it became clear that there was a strong need to improve the interaction with Russian Post and Sberbank of Russian Federation.
  • In 2011 three international inspections took place in Russia: Leningrad NPP, Beloyarsk NPP, Novovoronezh NPP. The inspection consisted of the Head of International Insurance Inspection Bruce Kettle (UK), representatives of Ukrainian, Scandinavian and Chinese pools and members of RNIP.
  • September, 2011 the Forum of Nuclear Insurance Pools in Central and West Europe took place in Saint Petersburg and was orginised by RNIP. Heads of the following pools participated in the Forum: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumanian, Belorussia and Croatia. There was a discussion of questions about losses regulation in the field of trans frontier damage and also questions about risks insurance and reinsurance of risks of the facilities which use nuclear power.