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The training seminar held by The Central Institution Of Advanced Training

Mon, Jun 18, 2012

The Russian Association of Nuclear Insurers (RANI) hosted in their offices in Moscow, Russia a Training Seminar the week of May 29 - 30, June 06 - 07, 2012. The Seminar in the following direction: "Nuclear and Radiation Safety - improving insurance coverage". The Seminar was held by the Central Institution of Advanced Training for upper-level managers of insurance companies Ц members of RNIP.

This Seminar was an introductory course on the topic:

 "The Russian nuclear industry: production, nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities and production, safety culture, rules and regulations regarding the activities and financial security control."

  The purpose of education was to increase system-wide technical competencies of managers of insurance companies Ц RNIP members (Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool) in the context of insurance features of the enterprises and organizations of the State Corporation "Rosatom", as well as providing the required level of understanding of the functioning and safety principles of different types of nuclear facilities at all stages of their life cycle.
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