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Russian Pool Trainig in Hartford, USA

Mon, Sep 3, 2012

During the period from 27-31 August, ANI (American Nuclear Insurers)held a business training for the Russian Association of Nuclear Insurers.

The participants of the training from the Russian Association of Nuclear Insurers (RANI) were the following:

Mr. Pavel Rudenskiy(General Manager)

Mr Sergey Babenko ( Deputy Engineering Director)

Mr Anatoliy Nikitin ( Deputy Engineering Director)

Mr Vladimir Vashchilo ( Deputy Engineering Director)

The program for the Russian Pool Training included the following main subjects:

Underwriting Overview

-          Foreign Pool relationship

Engineering Department

Programs & Processes

-          Engineering Rating Factor

-          Risk Ranking

-          Risk Management

-          Transportation Policy

-          Inspection and Reporting

-          Inspection Planning

Nuclear Liability Insurance

-          Terrorism and TRIA

-          Third Party Liability

-          Price Anderson Act

The organization of the Training was of a high level. Specialists from the Russian and American Insurance Pools exchanged opinions upon the work of underwriters, actuaries and technical departments. The special emphasis of the specialists was on the following questions:

- The ANI underwriters risk assessment process .


- Plant rating

- ANI engineering programs concerning the collecting and processing of the information about the accidents on the objects of nuclear energy use

- Recommendations and analysis upon the accidents on Doel NPP, Belgium; Fukushima Daiichi NPP, Japan; Three Mile Island NPP, USA.


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