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Comprehensive emergency response exercise at Kursk NPP

Mon, Oct 8, 2012

October 3-5 Concern "Rosenergoatom"  held a planned comprehensive emergency response exercise at Kursk NPP. The exercise was attended by the representatives of the Russian Association of Nuclear Insurers (RANI),  JSC "SOGAZ" , JSC "Atomic Insurance Broker".

Group emergency service to nuclear plants, established by the Concern "Rosenergoatom", Rosatom Crisis Management Center, the experts of the Center for Technical Support of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation, Rostekhnadzor, the operational group of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the Commission for Disaster Management and Fire Safety of Kursk region and other.The total number of participants was more than 1400 people and more than 150 pieces of equipment, including armored vehicles. A mobile emergency response equipment was used for the first time on the teachings of this sort of level for training purposes. The Concern "Rosenergoatom" purchased it in postFukushima period to improve plant resistance to extreme stress.

Accordant to the program there was completed the evacuation of the residents of two houses of the city Kurchatov exposed to radiation contamination as a result of the accident at the plant. According to the contract of liability insurance between the The Concern "Rosenergoatom" and the co-insurers of the Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool (RNIP) Insurer - The leader JSC "SOGAZ" paid the preliminary insurance claims to the evacuated people.Russian and foreign experts from Armenia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Iran, Korea, Norway, USA, Ukraine, France and Japan watched the  exercise.

At the final meeting the  Deputy General Director of the Concern Alexander Shutikov and international observers expressed a high opinion to the exercise.

A further comprehensive emergency response exercises will be held at the Kalinin nuclear power plant in the autumn  2013.
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