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An international insurance inspection of the Balakovo NPP

Fri, Nov 9, 2012

6 and 7 November 2012 Expert Group of the International Pool system had  an international prescheduled insurance inspection of the Balakovo NPP.

The committee included representatives of the Nuclear Risk Insurers (UK), the Russian Association of Nuclear Insurers, JSC "Nuclear Insurance broker" and the concern "Rosenergoatom".

The leadership of the plant informed the group about the current status and prospective lines of development of the Balakovo nuclear power plant, and presented a report on the implement corrections of the international insurance inspection in 2009. The experts also got the information concerning the modernization programs of the Balakovo NPP that were implemented after the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima". Also there were announced reports on the outcome of the review mission OSART of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which was held at the station in 2010 and the NPP high active waste peer review in 2011.

The experts visited: turbine hall, Main control room and emergency control room of the unit 4, reactor central hall of the unit 1, that is at outage, in the auxiliary building and other workplaces.

At the final meeting, the head of the expert group - Valerie Martel (NRI Ltd.) said: "Balakovo - this is a very well-run station, where a high level of safety and performance".

Inspectors suggested some recommendations to improve plant performance. The final report on the results of the inspection will be provided in a few months.

Nuclear risk insurance - a form of insurance providing with the compensation from material damage or personal injury from radiation exposure caused by the sudden and unforeseen circumstances in the extraction, production, storage, use and transportation of the nuclear fuel and radioactive substances. The development of the nuclear security in Russia took place after the ratification of the Vienna Convention on the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage, which allowed the concern"Rosenergoatom" and RANI break into a world insurance.

Public Information Center of Balakovo

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