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An international insurance inspection of the Rostov NPP

Thu, Dec 6, 2012

21 - 23 November 2012 the international insurance planned inspection  of the units was held at Rostov NPP.  The leader of the inspection was Michael Peach - Technical Director of the Nuclear Risk Insurers (NRI Ltd.). The committee also included representatives of the Chinese, Ukrainian and Russian nuclear insurance pools, JSC "Nuclear Insurance Broker" and JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom".

The main purpose of the inspection was to assess the insurance risk at Rostov NPP to place insurance coverage of third party liability for nuclear risks and the risks of damage to property.

The leadership of the plant informed the group about the current status and prospective lines of development of the NPP, the information concerning the modernization programs that were implemented after the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima". The inspectors checked the security of the reactor system,  analized the management structure and the level of the staff competence, fire safety, the state of the environment and ect. Also there were announced reports on the outcome of the review mission OSART of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which was held at the station in 2010 and the NPP high active waste peer review in 2011.

Inspectors suggested some recommendations to improve plant performance. The final report on the results of the inspection will be provided in a few months.
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